Our Rental Cars - Our Highlights!

Please note:


The contract partner has to have a Swiss domicile.


The driver of the car has to be at least 21 years old and in possession of a Swiss driving license for at least 3 years.

We reserve the right to require a deposit.



Identity Card or Passport / Residence Permit / Driving Licence / Credit Card


The rental price is determined by the calendar days


Our vehicles are insured with full coverage, deductible third-party and collision is at CHF 1'500.00 each.

City Cars

Your car is broken or not available? We'll help you out! Take a look on our city cars.

Compact Cars

We have cars for all your needs. take a look on our different compact cars.


Limousines, SUV and Combi 5 Seats

You're searching for the right car for a comfortable business trip?


We can serve you!

Minivans and SUV 7 Seats

You're planning a family excursion, but do not have a car that is comfortable or convenient enough?


Friendlyway Rental Cars -  

the perfect partner for all your needs.

Minivans 8 - 9 Seats

VW 2.0 Kombi 4x4 or Renault Trafic Passenger, both with 9 seats - the ideal vehicles for your  family or business excursion.

Transporter and Moving Vans

Our Vans are well suited for all your moving jobs and are easy to load.